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Classical carpet design is to much difficult than any other style to draw, you have to take in account several things like density, about all, it is very important to know shoot and reed loom in order to elaborate a good design. We have a broad experience in the process of enlarge a design into looms with its propieties and colors.


El diseño de la alfombra clasica es más complicado de dibujar que cualquier otro estilo, tenemos que tener en cuenta algunos aspectos como por ejemplo la densidad. Es muy mportante conocer bien las pasadas y el pinte del telar. Nosotros tenemos amplios conocimientos desarrollando diseños en otras medidas.

Wall-to-Wall Cut&Loop Cut&Cut Loop&Loop, Do you want to learn more about them? Quieres saber más sobre los differentes tipos de técnicas de moqueta?

Wall-to-wall is on your foot around the world, you can find it in places like Hotels, aircrafts, smalls, cruises, cinemas, fairs and of course at residencial homes. It is usally use to cover the full floor, bringing soft warm atmosphere. There are several kinds of looms making differen fabrics. We are able to play with tecnical suport we really know to develop those diferents products.